UniGems $MNWL AMA #6 Recap

Brand new Swap Feature! Minimal Slippage! Future Update News

Amin Sujan- Crypto Expert
9 min readJul 19, 2021


The MoonWilly project has been growing steadily since its launch. Exciting new developments and announcements from the MoonWilly team as the project is looking to further expand its ecosystem and create even more utility to the offering.

The sixth in a series of AMA’s. Our well-known Crypto Analyst and Influencer, CEO and Founder Kevin is now spreading the word about the MoonWilly project and how the offering is set to explode across the Crypto space.


Founder and CEO Kevin opened the floor to the many bullish fans and community members on the Official UniGems Telegram group at 18:00 UTC on the 19th July 2021.

The team has remained relatively secretive so far but with huge developments on the verge of release, the time is now to openly discuss some exciting news for the future of the Token and the Project.

It should be clear by now that MoonWilly isn’t your standard Pump and Dump operation. This project is all about Long Term Value generation with minimal risk to Investors.

Pay close attention and read till the end, you do not want to miss out on the inner workings of one of the most exciting Crypto projects out there right now!


Kevin is the leading Founder and CEO of the MoonWilly project. He also sits as the founder of cryptopedianetwork.com, As well as the founder of the Cryptopedia Youtube Channel. Actively involved in crypto for 4 years, from as early as 2017.

A self-taught and self-made investor. He started learning about Bitcoin and realized the potential it had, and has not been able to stop ever since. From his early days as a mere investor, Kevin has further grown his empire to new heights.

With a brilliant understanding of both the technology and the economics behind crypto. Well-read and well-learned, Kevin has combined his two keen senses and spearheaded the MoonWilly project. Not only does Kevin love crypto, but he truly believes that it will change the entire world.

The MoonWilly token is the start of the Global Bull Run!

Formal Interview

Host: What was your introduction to crypto like?

Kevin: For those who don’t know who I am. My name is Kevin, I am the founder of cryptopedianetwork.com. I am also the founder of the Cryptopedia Youtube Channel. As well as one of the Founders behind MoonWilly. I’ve been in crypto for 4 years at this point. I started learning about Bitcoin in 2017 and I haven’t been able to stop ever since. Not that I want to, of course. I love crypto and I believe it will change the world. I am happy and excited to be a part of that change!

Host: Cryptopedia! Awesome. We definitely need a space that helps us find analysis, research, etc. Those are the real ones, the ones who aren’t able to stop even if they wanted to!

I’ll tell you what we can expect in this AMA. It will have 3 parts. Features, Special Tokenomics, and some extra discussion at the end, just to clear some things up.

Kevin: Sounds good!

Host: How would you describe MoonWilly?

Kevin: MoonWilly is a store of value. Essentially, it is a Certificate Of Deposit on Binance Smart Chain. Holders hold MoonWilly ($MNWL) tokens and Earn passive rewards of DAI StableCoins. This is how it works, with every transaction, there’s a 15% tax. Which is split up in 4 ways:

• 3% goes to auto-locked liquidity.

• 1% goes to a burn, for every transaction.

• 3% goes to the treasury — for marketing, development, and sustainability

• 8% is given to Holders Passive DAI rewards.

DAI is a USD StableCoin. These DAI rewards come every Hour. Forever. We choose DAI rewards because it is controlled by an automated system of smart contracts, it can’t be taken down. As opposed to the other StableCoins like USDT, USDC, BUSD, etc… These are all centralized. They can rug at any time.

The primary advantage that MoonWilly has can be seen right now, with all the recent sell-offs, every time there is a trade, holders of MoonWilly tokens receive DAI (USD StableCoin) every hour, forever. It’s a hedge against the volatile crypto market. MoonWilly holders wake up every day not stressed because regardless of what is happening in the market, they are receiving stable coins.

MoonWilly is a store of value like bitcoin, Ethereum, and all those other cryptocurrencies. Except, with MoonWilly, holders benefit when the price goes up. They ALSO benefit when there is volume, instead of just the exchanges and market-makers getting rich. It’s important to note that without this system in place, it’s usually centralized exchanges that benefit from the volume, in this case, we created an additional way for people to make money off the coin.

Host: Definitely see the vision here, the DAI stable coins are a great way to be rewarded! MoonWilly also praises its use of an integrated swap platform. The lite paper states it utilizes multiple platforms. Does that mean the MoonWilly swap can use both Uniswap and PancakeSwap and chooses the cheapest platform to trade on? Are there any other features that I completely forgot about?

Kevin: We have actually updated our Swap Feature this morning, with a rewards dashboard. You can see the total amount paid in DAI (USD stablecoin) in real-time! This swap/rewards dashboard also tells you the rewards paid out to your connected wallet. Have a look!

Host: This rewards dashboard certainly makes the entire process seem a lot more satisfying!

Kevin: Now to carry on with your comment regarding the Litepaper… I’d first like to say, our website is in the process of being upgraded. So in a couple of weeks, you will be seeing a complete revamp. As of now, we have added a Swap feature.

For Every Swap; users have the alternative option to use the SWAP function on moonwilly.com. The Swap function not only gets routed to favorable priced LP and sets the Slippage as Low as possible, but it is also programmed to interact with the right Contract Address. The purpose of all this is to make buying MoonWilly very easy.

Host: I’ve never seen a platform that compares the big sites and gives you the best price. That is a great use case that shouldn’t be overlooked by anybody.

I do have one critical question though. It also states it uses the lowest slippage possible. Do you see any problems with this approach?

Kevin: We see potential problems with this approach. Whenever attempting to innovate upon anything, there are always problems that will arise. This is why we gave users 2 options. This low slippage approach is just an alternative way to buy into the project, for people that are new to Crypto. However, if you scroll to the very bottom of our website, you will see there is another way. 6 steps, more complex, but it’s for the more experienced traders.

Host: I’m a user experience nerd, those steps are an amazing way to make crypto more accessible to the average person!

Kevin: Exactly, and here is something even better.

Host: Spill the beans broski!

Kevin: With 1 click, it adds BSC to your metamask. With another click, it adds MNWL & DAI token address to your MetaMask, the last click takes you right to the swap and you can buy, 3 easy steps.

Host: No way! Are you serious?

Kevin: It’s awesome! People new to crypto always ask me how to buy. Now I just say, 3 steps and it’s a wrap!

Host: If marketed to the more casual trader, let’s say the big and upcoming crypto TikTok and Instagram audience….You’ve got something huge on your hands. No joke!

Kevin: That’s not even the best part. The best part is the returns!

Host: Tell me about it!

Kevin: We are very early on an idea like this. So far, we have paid out a whopping $61,592.65. These are just the facts. And people don’t have to sell this. The smart contract pays in StableCoins. you just buy MoonWilly tokens and forget about them. The tokens go up in value because there is a burn. But in addition, people also getting these StableCoins. They are getting paid twice.

Host: That’s incredible. What is the market cap at the moment?

Kevin: The fully diluted market cap right now is $181,528.18 and $61,592.65 has been paid out so far. Try and picture what the rewards will be when the market cap reaches 1 million. CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko listings are imminent. It’s really undervalued. We currently have over 22K holders.

Host: MoonWilly hasn’t been around for very long and it has already paid out $62k. We’ll see this amount take over the market cap real soon. Which makes it basically undervalued, and a great speculative asset for traders. Especially with the burns going on, keeping the mcap low and price stable. I literally cannot believe it!

Select Questions from Open Floor

@Racel03: Could you please address the liquidity and perhaps further clarify?

Kevin: When do you think was the most profitable time to buy bitcoin? 10 years ago? And do you know what other parameters it used to have? 10 years ago, Bitcoin had the lowest liquidity, lowest volume, the most slippage, and Satoshi Nakamoto also owned 100 percent of the coins!

The best time in the world to have bought bitcoin was when Satoshi owned all the coins and when there was no liquidity, there was tons of slippage, and there was no volume! MoonWilly has the same parameters that bitcoin had at its inception. Except MoonWilly is only 7 days old, the best time to buy is now.

@andresukma11: I am interested in Your Project Logo and Project Name. Why is the name MoonWilly but his logo is a Whale? Why not MoonWhale? Is Willy the name of the little boy in the logo?

Kevin: Great question! Our project is inspired by the movie Free Willy. We wanted something that was relatable to Crypto and also fun. The name MoonWhale has already been taken by a crypto Venture capitalist firm and we like MoonWilly better!

@callmesudi: Why should investors buy and hold $MNWL tokens/coins long term?? And what advantages can you provide?

Kevin: MoonWilly is a long-term project. It’s one of those coins you just buy and forget about. Every day, StableCoins come to your wallet automatically. Plus the supply is constantly decreasing, each day that goes by there is less and less. Eventually, the value will get higher and higher. Once the price gets higher, so will the rewards. We are at the very beginning but we have a loyal following slowly building every day.

We are also doing giveaways, for 6 months straight with our 6-month marketing calendar. This is a grassroots movement, and I’m gonna tell you why all the MoonWilly holders will get to be rich… I have been in crypto for a very long time, and I have noticed that the wealthiest people in cryptocurrency, those that have the most money also, have the longest time preference. They’re willing to delay gratification the longest. They are willing to just buy and hold!

And THAT is what MoonWilly is all about!

In Closing….

The UniGems Owner and Host was certainly well-prepared and had done his homework. Coming prepared with a bevy of extremely professional and unbelievably technical questions through a humorously laid-back and casual facade.

Fortunately enough, MoonWilly’s very own Kevin came right back swinging. With the exciting news of a brand new Swap Feature integration on the MoonWilly Homepage, aimed at extremely novice Crypto investors.

Alongside the exciting reveal of a completely new and revamped website in the coming days. And the impressive update of the whopping 60 thousand dollars paid out in DAI StableCoin as passive holding rewards as well as the impressive 22 thousand holders and growing!