SpicyGems Chat $MNWL AMA #5 Recap

Amin Sujan- Crypto Expert
8 min readJul 16, 2021


AMA with Moonwilly Founder & CEO Kevin

The MoonWilly project has been growing steadily since its launch. With some huge fans and some brilliant technological and utility additions to the platform, the Team has decided it is now time to begin spreading the word on the future of Decentralized Finance.

The fifth in a series of AMA’s. Our well-known Crypto Analyst and Influencer, CEO, and Founder Kevin is now spreading the word about the MoonWilly project and how the offering is set to explode across the Crypto space.


Founder and CEO Kevin opened the floor to the many bullish fans and community members on the Official SpicyGems Chat Telegram group at 16:30 UTC on the 15th July 2021.

The team has remained relatively secretive so far and Kevin has decided that the time is now to openly discuss some exciting news for the future of the Token and the Project.

It should be clear by now that MoonWilly isn’t your standard Pump and Dump operation. This project is all about Long Term Value generation with minimal risk to Investors.

Pay close attention and read till the end, you do not want to miss out on the inner workings of one of the most exciting Crypto projects out there right now!


Kevin is the leading Founder and CEO of the MoonWilly project. He also sits as the founder of cryptopedianetwork.com, As well as the founder of the Cryptopedia Youtube Channel. Actively involved in crypto for 4 years, from as early as 2017.

A self-taught and self-made investor. He started learning about Bitcoin and realized the potential it had, and has not been able to stop ever since. From his early days as a mere investor, Kevin has further grown his empire to new heights.

With a brilliant understanding of both the technology and the economics behind crypto. Well-read and well-learned, Kevin has combined his two keen senses and spearheaded the MoonWilly project. Not only does Kevin love crypto, but he truly believes that it will change the entire world.

The MoonWilly token is the start of the Global Bull Run!

Formal Interview

Host: You’re a well-known man across Crypto, Kevin. @kevinattipoe is a well-known YouTuber and influencer. Can you introduce yourself and your team, please? We won’t get to know the people behind MoonWilly. What you did before crypto, and how you got into Decentralized Finance?

Kevin: For those who don’t know who I am, My Name is Kevin, I am the founder of cryptopedianetwork.com. I am also the founder of the Cryptopedia Youtube Channel. As well as the Founder of MoonWilly. I’ve been in crypto for 4 years at this point. My educational background is as a Mechanical Engineering Technician, and I also have a Bachelors of Science — used to work in the medical field! I started learning about Bitcoin and realized the potential it had, and I haven’t been able to stop ever since. I love crypto and I believe it will change the entire world. I am very happy and excited to be a part of it.

Our core team is comprised of 2 other co-founders Achie and Red, stubborn — Mathematician & marketing. A Lead developer (backend dev) — vast experience in crypto can build anything, specializes in apps. As well as graphic designers, content creators, 3 journalists, head of partnerships, etc… We have a main front-end dev, and another one on reserve if we need him. We are also consulting behind the scenes with other successful projects. We have a lot of team members!

Host: So you’re fully doxxed? Full social media links are available (LinkedIn, Twitter…)?

Kevin: My website is CryptopediaNetwork.com. All my social media links are there. Anyone can find out anything about me on there really, my life really is an open book. I am very transparent with everything.

Host: Can you give us a short introduction to the Moonwilly project. What critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the competitive advantage?

Kevin: MoonWilly is Certificate Of Deposit on Binance Smart Chain. Holders hold MoonWilly ($MNWL) tokens and Earn passive rewards of DAI StableCoins. This is how it works, with every transaction, there’s a 15% tax. Which is split up in 4 ways:

  • 3% goes to auto-locked liquidity.
  • 1% goes to a burn, for every transaction.
  • 3% goes to the treasury — for marketing, development, and sustainability
  • 8% is given to Holders Passive DAI rewards.

DAI is a USD StableCoin. These DAI rewards come every Hour. Forever. We choose DAI rewards because it is controlled by an automated system of smart contracts, it can’t be taken down. As opposed to the other StableCoins like USDT, USDC, BUSD, etc… These are all centralized. They can rug at any time.

The primary advantage that MoonWilly has can be seen right now, with all the recent sell-offs, every time there is a trade, holders of MoonWilly tokens receive DAI (USD stablecoin) every hour, forever. It’s a hedge against the volatile crypto market. MoonWilly holders wake up every day not stressed because regardless of what is happening in the market, they are receiving stable coins.

Host: I should disclose that I have PERSONALLY invested in MoonWilly and have earned a lot of DAI. So what about your roadmap? Is this a long-term project? What should we expect from the MoonWilly team in near future?

Kevin: MoonWilly is a long-term project. Our Number 1 priority is marketing right now. As such, our developmental roadmap is structured around market trends. We understand that crypto changes very fast, so we plan to be able to adapt to the changes as they happen in real-time, without giving too much away. I can confirm that more than likely, MoonWilly will bridge to other chains, we have it written in our code already, making it a seamless transition for whichever chains we choose to implement. We are monitoring market conditions. I’m sure you know that timing is paramount in catching these trends and we are constantly monitoring.

We also have MoonWilly NFTs already created before launch, we will announce how they will be integrated into the MoonWilly ecosystem soon. Our MoonWilly dashboard is also being created. Version 2 of the MoonWilly website has been in the works now for about 3 weeks because our project just launched 5 days ago, I can’t wait for our upcoming reveals. We are also in the research phase of our secret app — we will be one of the first to implement these features if we decide to incorporate them.

Host: So many plans! With such a clear vision! As well as the support from a big Crypto community.

Kevin: We are very grateful for all the support we have received in such a short period of time. It’s truly humbling to see.

Host: Have you planned any marketing campaigns? Upcoming AMAs, CEX listings, or something huge to promote Moonwilly?

Kevin: We have a lot of marketing planed, we are so focused on it at the moment.,We’ve noticed how enthusiastic our community members are when they start receiving DAI rewards, There are many testimonials on our social media, about the rewards everyone is receiving. We believe we have a great product, our foremost is to tell the world about it.

We have created a 6-month marketing and promotional calendar. This calendar is designed to spread the message about Moonwilly and grow our #MoonWillyArmy. Our 6 Month promotional campaign starts today, for 6 months. We will be doing constant giveaways — nonstop, for 6 months. We believe it’s important to include our communities’ members in Moonwilly as much as possible, so there will be a lot of contests and free stuff. Everyone will have the chance to win! As a matter of fact, we have a giveaway right now. Our Community Celebration Contest! Join and you can Win $250.00!

Furthermore, we will be doing as many AMAs as possible. In the last 3 days, we have done 4 with CryptoLegendary Chat, CoinFlash, KuCoinGemHunters, and the CryptoLegends Club. And today, we are with the one and only, SpicyGems! We believe it’s very important that we actually go into different crypto communities and speak one on one to the people about MoonWilly. That’s why we are here, We will also come back and report on our progress!

The MoonWilly project is a grassroots movement. We are in this for the long term. We are building an army. The #MoonWillyArmy! We also created a MoonWilly podcast, and a daily live VC ran by Steven — the #VoicofDefi, every day, from 1800–2000 UTC in our Telegram: @MoonWillyproject.

Host: I’ve tuned in before. That guy is pretty amazing!

Kevin: Thank you, Brother, it means a lot. He is the #VoiceofDefi — and yes, officially he is. He is very talented, wait till you see what’s coming. To learn more, tune into the voice chat, we will get him whatever he needs to make the best show in crypto! Every day at 1800–2000 in our LiveVC, anyone is welcome! @moonwillyproject.

I should also say that we are also focusing on being listed everywhere and growing our ecosystem. Currently in talks with 18 different platforms and we want to be number 1 on all of them, so our marketing will be coordinated around that! We have some small exchanges approaching us right now but they are not interesting. We will be looking at bigger exchanges in the near future, they have to be the right ones with good volume.

But the credit for all this work really goes to my team, there are many of us, we work hard every day to make MoonWilly a success!

Host: Congrats to your team and the efforts they are bringing on MoonWilly!

Select Questions from Open Floor

@duykhanhsd: How can I buy these tokens? Is it available on any exchange? @kevinattipoe

Kevin: Great Question!

🗒 Contract Address $MNWL:



@binhnguyen08: Why should Investors buy and hold your token/coin in the long term??

Kevin: MoonWilly is a store of value. It was built with a long-term vision and a long-term mindset. We considered the long-term implications of a volatile crypto market. We are seeing that now. There are many sell-offs on every project. MoonWilly is one of those coins you just buy and leave in your wallet. You don’t have to think about it because Stablecoins will automatically keep filling up your wallet, regardless if it’s a bull market or a bear market.

MoonWilly is the funding for your child’s college tuition, the down payment on your first home, the engagement ring for your fiancé, the one decision that you made, which brought your family generational wealth, forever.

@bscmegapumps: Do you have any plans to bridge on polygon or eth? Many would think that is a good idea for a good project like this!

Kevin: In our code, we have made MoonWilly compatible to bridge to Polygon and Ethereum, and more! — We have great flexibility. So we are researching very carefully, the key is to be in the front of a trend. If we are in the front, Then MoonWilly holders will benefit the most from it! Thank you! that was a great question!

In Closing….

It appears the questions from the SpicyGems Host were more orientated around the validity and the vision of the project. As opposed to the previous AMAs, Founder and CEO Kevin has encountered.

It is clear to see that more and more individuals in the Crypto world have started to realize the sheer technical value and Utility of the MoonWilly token and are now looking to confirm the future plans and roadmap of the project.

A 6-month marketing strategy that is lined with a constant barrage of prizes and giveaways has just begun. MoonWilly is here for the long run, and as the project starts to gain altitude. Investors need to ensure that they have a ticket!