Rocket Ship refueling. Ready for Takeoff. $MNWL AMA Recap #1

Amin Sujan- Crypto Expert
6 min readJul 14, 2021


AMA with MoonWilly Founder & CEO Kevin

The MoonWilly project has seen countless hurdles from the very first day of Launch. The highly successful Airdrop saw a huge boom in numbers with those figures rising steadily by the day. Our investors are as bullish as ever and eager to hear what the Team has in store for one of the hottest new currencies available.

The exceptional and talented group behind the $MNWL project further continued to add utility and solid tech to the MoonWilly offering. As well as focusing heavily on Marketing and various Strategic Partnerships.

MoonWilly has leveraged this surge of interest as well as the sheer level of popularity across the Crypto space that our Founder and CEO Kevin, maintains. On the verge of a CoinGecko and CMC listing, this is the perfect time to address the community.


Founder and CEO Kevin opened the floor to the many bullish fans and community members on the Official CryptoLegends Club Telegram group at 18:00 UTC on the 13th July 2021.

The team has remained relatively secretive so far and Kevin has decided that the time is now to openly discuss some exciting news for the future of the Token and the Project.

It should be clear by now that MoonWilly isn’t your standard Pump and Dump operation. This project is all about Long Term Value generation with minimal risk to Investors.

Pay close attention and read till the end, you do not want to miss out on the inner workings of one of the most exciting Crypto projects out there right now!


Kevin is the leading Founder and CEO of the MoonWilly project. He also sits as the founder of, As well as the founder of the Cryptopedia Youtube Channel. Actively involved in crypto for 4 years, from as early as 2017.

A self-taught and self-made investor. He started learning about Bitcoin and realized the potential it had, and has not been able to stop ever since. From his early days as a mere investor, Kevin has further grown his empire to new heights.

With a brilliant understanding of both the technology and the economics behind crypto. Well-read and well-learned, Kevin has combined his two keen senses and spearheaded the MoonWilly project. Not only does Kevin love crypto, but he truly believes that it will change the entire world.

The MoonWilly token is the start of the Global Bull Run!

Formal Interview

Host: What is MoonWilly? How did you come up with the idea of MoonWilly?

Kevin: MoonWilly is Certificate Of Deposit on Binance Smart Chain. Holders hold MoonWilly ($MNWL) tokens and Earn passive rewards of DAI stablecoins. Every hour, forever. We studied the economic concept of Token Velocity. Richard Heart of HEX cryptocurrency, which is sitting at 4th place right now, with a market cap of 60 billion, talks about this all the time, he says it’s the key to making cryptocurrencies raise in value.

Host: I remember HEX! At first, no one believed in HEX, everyone was opposed to $HEX at the start. Then it did more than 150x. It actually did 1963x in 555days.

Kevin: Vitalik Buterin also discusses token velocity in dept. We looked at the definition and broke down the formula.



M= total money supply (or total number of coins)

C= price o the currency (or 1/P, with P bein price level)

T= transaction volume (the economic value o transactions per time),

H= 1/V (the time that a user holds a coin before using it to make a transaction)

Moreover, this is what it all means. The longer people hold the token and don’t spend it, then the high the price of a token will go. So we built our game theory around that conceptual framework.

Host: Can you tell us the main features of MoonWilly?

Kevin: Yes sir! We have an amazing community, if we all work together we can reach a lot of success! Essentially, with every transaction, there’s a 15% tax. Which is split up in 4 ways:

  • 3% goes to auto-locked liquidity.
  • 1% goes to a burn, for every transaction.
  • 3% goes to the treasury — for marketing, development, and sustainability
  • 8% is given to Holders Passive DAI rewards. DAI is a USD Stablecoin. These DAI rewards come every Hour. Forever. We choose DAI rewards because it is controlled by an automated system of smart contracts, it can’t be taken down. As opposed to the other stablecoins like USDT, USDC, BUSD, etc… These are all centralized. They can rug at any time.

Host: Those are some great features. Holders can earn passive income just by HODLing

Kevin: I should add that half of the total supply, which is 500 Billion, is locked liquidity for 6 months. After 6 months, it will be relocked again. This is for safety in the event of PancakeSwap being upgraded to v3. MoonWilly will not be stuck on v2 forever.

Also, the Tokens in Dev/Team Wallet is 100% Burned, roughly 40 million tokens. We’ve also included an Anti-whale feature. 3% tax on sells. And no wallet can sell more than 0.1% of the total supply at one time.

Host: I love this Anti-Whale feature!

Kevin: We’re also utilizing a Black Hole Burn with ultimately 330 million burned to a dead wallet. 12,000,000 tokens have also been burned from the taxes alone. We started off with 1 billion tokens, now we only have about 617 million left. They are disappearing very quickly.

Host: I like the overall tokenomics as well, it’s not like other coins.

Kevin: Thank you! Yes, we have a brilliant team who did a great job at putting it together.

Host: However, Security is the main concern nowadays. So has the code has been audited or not?

Kevin: The code was audited By RD auditors. Zero issues found. Rated as very secure! View the audit results here on RD auditors website:

Host: How many members are there in the MoonWilly team?

Kevin: Right now we have about 12 team members working together on MoonWilly! In fact, every day, we have a live voice chat run by Steven. The director of the MoonWilly Podcast on Spotify. It’s Just coming together right now.

Host: I will surely check out your podcast mate!

Kevin: Thank you, everybody is welcome. I am on there every day as well. You’re all welcome to ask me anything!

Host: We don’t want to keep you for too long, you must be a very busy man. In closing, any partnerships or any plans for partnerships in the future?

Kevin: As of now, we are very focused on our own project. Looking to further improve our utility and offerings whilst marketing and further growing our reach. However, we are always open to working with any projects/teams in mutually beneficial relationships.

Host: I am certain in the near future many projects will look to partner with MoonWilly when they recognize the potential.

Kevin: Thank you I believe so as well.

Select Questions from Open Floor

@tejacharan17: If earned DAI will be sent automatically to our wallets every 60 minutes. Why did you not include an Auto-Compound option?

Kevin: Auto-Compounding requires rewards to be reinvested each time yield is given. Our project is built differently. We selected stablecoins to prevent sell pressure and foster less volatility. We decided to reward people in other tokens DAI instead of MNWL tokens.

That way, when people get rewards, they can choose to sell the other tokens and not MNWL. Or They can choose to buy MNWL, again with the rewards. Other projects like Safemoon gives holders more Safemoon tokens, and the only way to get something else is to sell Safemoon tokens.

@jero2hero: Sir How can I buy these tokens? Is it available on any exchange?

Kevin: Yes sir! You can buy the token on PancakeSwap right now. Please keep the Slipagge at 16% minimum. Relevant links and guides available at

@rrr44444449: What made you want to compete with other projects? What steps did you take to develop your project?

Kevin: Our goal is not to compete with other teams. We are competing with ourselves, the best way to improve is to look in the mirror, constant reflection, constant feedback, and constructive criticism with strategies/solutions put in place to address all areas.

We look to improve MoonWilly daily/weekly/month/yearly. This is a long-term project. I am in the Voicechat every day with Steven around 18:00–20:00 UTC. I am there to talk about our progress, and plans going forward. Everyone has the opportunity to ask me anything at any time. We are 100% committed!

In Closing….

Overall, an extremely successful initial AMA. Kevin was able to handle himself well and answer some particularly tricky questions. Investors were finally able to get a glimpse behind the curtain of the MoonWilly project and we certainly liked what we saw!

The first AMA of many. The beginning of one of the grandest Marketing campaigns across the Cryptocurrency sector. Stay tuned for the latest MoonWilly news!



Amin Sujan- Crypto Expert