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Difficult MoonWilly Community questions. MUST READ!

Amin Sujan- Crypto Expert
12 min readJul 27, 2021


The MoonWilly project has seen nothing but healthy growth since its release. The team has been working tirelessly and not only improved upon the current offering but set their sights on some exciting new prospects on the horizon.

There still does exist a number of questions that the community would like addressed and our very own Crypto-Analyst and Influencer Kevin is now looking to destroy any remaining traces of fear, uncertainty, and doubt!


Founder and CEO Kevin opened the floor to the entire Community on the Official MoonWilly Telegram group on our very own MoonWilly Radio, hosted by Steven (@VoiceofDefi) at 18:00 UTC on the 26th July 2021.

Recently hitting a market cap of 300 thousand dollars. As we sit on the precipice of many more exciting announcements. The MoonWilly team has opted to address the open Crypto Community at large.

Although the offering has been operating successfully so far, with in excess of 20 THOUSAND holders and 70 THOUSAND US Dollars paid out in DAI Rewards! This is the ideal time to squash any rumors or issues that potential and hesitant investors might be having.

At its core, this project is all about Long Term Value generation with minimal risk to Investors.

So pay close attention and read till the end, you do not want to miss out as we open the floodgates to a world of FUD and the entire Crypto Community with Kevin as our last line of defense!


Kevin is the leading Founder and CEO of the MoonWilly project. He also sits as the founder of, As well as the founder of the Cryptopedia Youtube Channel. Actively involved in crypto for 4 years, from as early as 2017.

A self-taught and self-made investor. He started learning about Bitcoin and realized the potential it had, and has not been able to stop ever since. From his early days as a mere investor, Kevin has further grown his empire to new heights.

With a brilliant understanding of both the technology and the economics behind crypto. Well-read and well-learned, Kevin has combined his two keen senses and spearheaded the MoonWilly project. Not only does Kevin love crypto, but he truly believes that it will change the entire world.

The MoonWilly token is the start of the Global Bull Run!


Steven: Kevin and I are here so let’s hear your best or should I say, your worst!

Caller #1: Alright so, I’ve heard multiple times that the MoonWilly Project is aiming to be as decentralized as possible. Something like an exchange listing is not a priority at all, a CEX or Centralized Exchange that is. I was thinking, is this because the algorithm behind the MoonWilly Contract might not function correctly when listed on a CEX?

Kevin: Well firstly, that’s actually a great question! And honestly? Completely understandable. If you were to buy into a project, invested, and wanted to keep investing. You’d want it to do well! And I’d ask that exact same question. When will you be on an exchange? When can I buy through an exchange? And I do, we all do.

But truth be told. We’re being smart about it. Right now our market cap is relatively low. Typically exchanges will also ask for tokens as well. So if you give them tokens and those tokens go 10 to 50x then they’re sitting on a huge unprecedented lump. Because they’re also asking for a dollar value.

We do want to be decentralized, don’t get me wrong. Another consideration is the fact that a lot of Centralized Exchanges maintain their own DeFi wallets. Which enables them to have tokens with staking on them. I mean even look at SafeMoon, there’s a lot of small ones as well. It’s not that we are unable to by design.

Ultimately, there’s a lot of options available but we don’t want to rush the process. We want to pay the right price and ensure we get listed on an exchange that is truly beneficial to the MoonWilly project. We don’t want to pay and get listed on these tiny exchanges, it just wouldn’t be worth it. It would honestly just be a waste of our finances.

We’re going to a proven CEX when we do. And in order to do that, we need to be smart and considerate of our market cap when we do. This is definitely something that is on our roadmap, aimed currently at Q4 2021. The upcoming quarter!

Steven: There will be more on a MoonWilly roadmap on a later episode. Have you been sitting on that question for a while, Listener? Since you acquired holdings in MoonWilly?

Caller #1: Haha, yes, for a while. I was just thinking that the contracts in the function might not work the same way when listed on the CEX. Aspects like distributing DAI might cause an issue.

Kevin: Look, for me, personally. If we get listed on an exchange with a very low market cap and they get a huge amount of our supply they could really steer our project in another director and really hurt the entire community and all our investors.

Steven: Kevin, if you’d allow me to. I guess clearing up with a follow-up to this question. Do you have a particular market cap in mind? Just a ballpark figure you would be thinking before looking seriously at CEX listings?

Kevin: I don’t want to get myself in trouble! Making promises that I won’t be able to keep. That’s why I’m saying, we’re currently in Q3 with really great goals. Extremely realistic milestones coming up. If we just keep doing what we’re doing, and what we’re doing right now is fine.

Just keep at it and we can very easily get up there. Right now, we’re relatively small but who knows. In a couple of weeks, we could be in a completely different league. Initially, we started at 6k and now we’re sitting around 300, 319k.

I like our chart right now. I mean, even influencers are buying. Which is something you don’t usually see.

Steven: The chart is beautiful, it is absolutely beautiful. Since the 13th or 14th of this month, it’s been looking great.

Kevin: We care for sure. About the charts, about the price. All that stuff. We want people to brag about this holding. It’s personal to me. I won’t stop working with MoonWilly, I’m fully committed to this project. And I know many community members are too.

It’s like that with any currency right. As a group, you can all decide that a coin has value. And it will have value! People just need to believe in it, everyone has to be on code about it. I really feel as though we’re really creating something special here with MoonWilly. I’m so excited man!

Steven: Awesome! Well, you should be excited. I’ve said this before, sometimes you don’t invest in tokens. You invest in teams. And if that’s the case, then MoonWilly to the Moon. It’s an exciting time to be involved so early like this.

Listener #2: I have a question for Kevin.

Steven: Hey! Go ahead!

Caller #2: Kevin, I have questions regarding the release of DAI rewards and the calculations behind them. Are they a secret or is there a clear-cut and specific explanation behind when exactly DAI results get distributed?

Kevin: Now, I’ll have to confirm this again with our Lead Developer. But when last we spoke, he informed me that when we reached a threshold of around 200 thousand MoonWilly traded, then the DAI rewards would be released.

There are other considerations in mind that I’m not sure I should be speaking about. Instilled to prevent people from taking advantage and exploiting that system. I do have to clarify this with him.


Our Dev is sleeping right now. Here was his response a while ago when I asked about the threshold that needed to be reached. It’s important to know that Moonwilly was forked from AkuAku, they had a similar metric as MoonWilly. But our Dev mentioned 200K MNWL tokens trigger the payout of DAI. I’m sure there are other factors at play, I will get the full answer when he wakes up, I’ve provided a screenshot of our conversation.

Steven: I’ve got a question here from the text chat. The question asks as to how MoonWilly will look to generate value on top of just the influx of new investors. Is there a business model behind the project?

Kevin: We do have a clearcut roadmap to be released in the near future. We’re looking to ultimately create an entire ecosystem around the MoonWilly token. Breeding an atmosphere of trading and holding in high volumes.

Although there still isn’t a huge level of hype and the word about MoonWilly hasn’t really gotten around. We are still in the early days and that is set to change. You also have to keep in mind that every transaction has a burn mechanism, so with each passing day, the overall amount of tokens is decreasing. This leads to an increasing price floor. This is an automatic increase in value.

This thing is going to be big. We’re adding all the plans. I know the inner workings and I can’t reveal too much but just know that the ecosystem that we’re building is going to be incredible.

With each passing day, the price floor gets higher and higher and higher. That’s why I’m so cautious around my holdings. I don’t want to sell them, I definitely don’t want to even touch them. Another great advantage of the passive DAI rewards system.

We did a lot of research before even building this. Our solid tokenomics and price action will carry us through the early stages. One version of MoonWilly we destroyed just before launch and fully redid. We actually invested in MoonWilly twice during the developmental phase. That’s how bullish we are on this project!

Steven: Another comment here from the text chat: “Thank you kindly and I do appreciate the tokenomics. I assure you have my support. I’ve watched the growth of this project so far and I look forward to seeing the roadmap when ready. No rush. No FUD. Thank you!”

Now to add to what Kevin has been saying about an “Ecosystem.” I’m starting to think that the DeFi space and the projects that will be considered the “winners,” will be those looking to make a network of branching applications.

I think MoonWilly has found a pretty healthy and surprisingly intelligent community so far. A mix of both paper hands and diamond hands investors. The beauty of it is that the MoonWilly protocol actually benefits both. I’ve seen a lot of Auto-Reward tokens with a community that really doesn’t understand what is supposed to happen, MoonWilly definitely differs on that front.

Caller #3: Hi Kevin! I just want to ask you about the considerably higher slippage required to trade MoonWilly in PancakeSwap. These high rates don’t exactly incentivize investors to trade frequently, considering the potential loss per transaction.

How are you going to incentivize people looking past this high rate of 8% or 18% per trade?

Kevin: Well exactly that’s totally understandable. I live in Canada and every time you buy something, the government definitely gets its payday. And honestly? You don’t really know where the money goes at all! No way of tracking it or anything.

But with MoonWilly we opted to be completely transparent with all these transactions and taxes. Money allocated towards marketing, the treasury, long-term sustenance of the project, our big burn allocation.

Caller #3: That’s great news and good to hear. But specifically, I would like to know how would you overcome the hurdle of the high slippage? How would you motivate investors to trade and actually trade frequently?

Kevin: Our main means of motivation right now is the reveal of our complete scope. We shall be looking to announce and reveal our roadmap. Our plans for the future. Some secret goals and milestones. Strategic partnerships. Now we’re spoken very secretly about these things before, primarily due to the fact that we have some brilliant plans and we don’t want them stolen!

We’re trying to build something here and protect the intellectual property of what we’re giving to the community. Within that is an ecosystem that places a heavy focus on that trading mentality. Motivating people to increase their overall transactional volume.

What you’ve touched on is a major issue and a large portion of the upcoming Roadmap aims to fix those hurdles right there!

Caller #4: If I could jump in and just address the previous question?

Kevin: Haha! Alright, sure, I guess that’s okay.

Caller #4: MoonWilly isn’t really a heavy trading-based token. It’s honestly more like a store of value asset with a strong backing of passive income generation. Many people will enter to buy and sell. That’s just a normal market situation. Every single trade, as Kevin said, it’s only the exchanges that really make the money off these transactions.

The Tokenomics have been brilliantly structured in order to benefit the holders from all this. There will always be people buying and always be people selling. People getting impatient and selling, new people coming in. This cycle will only keep increasing.

I’m honestly not worried at all about this aspect of the MoonWilly Economy.

Steven: Well put Caller #4! There’s always going to be buyers and sellers. We’ve got a bunch of brilliant Diamond Hands and Paper Hands right now that are really reaping the complete benefits but the true beauty of MoonWilly is that, regardless of the slippage. The concept behind the base offering is able to make both transactions and holding attractive. The Token is looking for a balance that benefits both types of holders.

Kevin: Caller #4 is doing my job for me! But just to reiterate, this is the focus of our roadmap. We are looking to further increase our overall level of buyers. We currently have over 22 thousand holders but we want more!

A vibrant, high-volume ecosystem is one of our main targets right now.


Kevin: Hahaha!

Steven: Hahaha! Great sense of humor in this community. I do have one last question submitted for you, Kevin. This is in regards to the CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko listing.

Kevin: Certainly. We applied for both these platforms the day after our successful launch. We’re waiting on them, so far received confirmation of the application. They’re reviewing the project and the numbers.

The ball is in their court, it is really based on when they get around to accepting us. But it’s just a matter of time! These are the big ones but we’re currently featured on a number of other listing platforms.

But if you ask me? This delay in both CMC and CoinGecko listings is kind of like a blessing in disguise. We want to get all our content up, iron out all the kinks. Get everybody on the same page. Further, develop what we’re trying to build here before we see the huge levels of pump that these kinds of listings bring.

Steven: I said it before and I’ll say it again. Invest in teams, not in tokens. If you check out the MoonWilly project and the community. The Podcast, the memes made by the community, the articles, the website. It is clear to any new investor that this team is serious. We’ve been here for a while and are consistently dedicated to the cause that is MoonWilly.

Kevin: It’s long hours and it is stressful but we’re dedicated to this. We’re even more invested in this project than any of our holders. I know this was a fun opportunity to ask me your most challenging and borderline FUD questions but please don’t hesitate to ask whenever there’s anything on your mind.

Voice out your concerns on the extremely active Telegram. Why not come find Steven and me on the podcast daily and drop us a line? We know this project inside and out. The team has a clear understanding of where we are and where we’re going, so please don’t hesitate to approach us!

Caller #1: I actually have one more question! Hahaha!

Kevin: Sure, sure. Not a problem Caller #1! Go for it!

Caller #1: Alright well this last question is half FUD. So Binance now has some regulation problems and people are spreading the rumor that BNB will drop to zero. What can we do in that situation when the Binance Smart Chain is on the brink of disaster?

Kevin: Well, there are multiple ways in which we can answer that question. The foremost consideration is the fact that our StableCoin rewards system is not in USDT but rather DAI. This StableCoin is controlled by smart contracts and was specifically selected as no one could shut it down.

Caller #1: But our liquidity is influenced by BNB?

Kevin: Hahaha! Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten. Hang on!

Caller #1: Hahaha! Sorry!

Kevin: Now if you take a close look at our smart contract, there are a few clues in there. Before we built this, we were actually brainstorming some ideas for making this project cross-chain. We actually have the ability to go cross-chain on at least 5 to 6 different protocols.

Great question though, this is a real problem that is all over the Crypto-space right now. But don’t worry, we’ve definitely considered all these potential problems.

All of this is about making progress. Being constructive. Getting good feedback and criticism. We’re improving day by day and I just want to stress that this is only the beginning. There is still a long way to go!




Amin Sujan- Crypto Expert