CryptoLegendary Chat $MNWL AMA #4 Recap

AMA with Moonwilly Founder & CEO Kevin

Amin Sujan- Crypto Expert
9 min readJul 15, 2021


The MoonWilly project has been growing steadily since its launch. With some huge fans and some brilliant technological and utility additions to the platform, the Team has decided it is now time to begin spreading the word on the future of Decentralized Finance.

The fourth in a series of AMA’s. Our well-known Crypto Analyst and Influencer, CEO, and Founder Kevin is now spreading the word about the MoonWilly project and how the offering is set to explode across the Crypto space.


Founder and CEO Kevin opened the floor to the many bullish fans and community members on the Official CryptoLegendary Chat Telegram group at 18:00 UTC on the 15th July 2021.

The team has remained relatively secretive so far and Kevin has decided that the time is now to openly discuss some exciting news for the future of the Token and the Project.

It should be clear by now that MoonWilly isn’t your standard Pump and Dump operation. This project is all about Long Term Value generation with minimal risk to Investors.

Pay close attention and read till the end, you do not want to miss out on the inner workings of one of the most exciting Crypto projects out there right now!


Kevin is the leading Founder and CEO of the MoonWilly project. He also sits as the founder of, As well as the founder of the Cryptopedia Youtube Channel. Actively involved in crypto for 4 years, from as early as 2017.

A self-taught and self-made investor. He started learning about Bitcoin and realized the potential it had, and has not been able to stop ever since. From his early days as a mere investor, Kevin has further grown his empire to new heights.

With a brilliant understanding of both the technology and the economics behind crypto. Well-read and well-learned, Kevin has combined his two keen senses and spearheaded the MoonWilly project. Not only does Kevin love crypto, but he truly believes that it will change the entire world.

The MoonWilly token is the start of the Global Bull Run!

Formal Interview

Kevin: Thank you @cryptolegendarychat community! I am excited to be here to speak to you about MoonWilly! You have a strong and intelligent community. I am honored to be here as your guest today!

Host: Thanks for joining us. Can you please tell us briefly about Moonwilly project?

Kevin: I will briefly give people a little review about our launch, till now. It’s been 4 days. On launch, MoonWilly ($MNWL) was worth $6500. Today it is worth $189213.18. Holding at least 10000 MNWL since day 1 has allowed our users to share in a total reward pool of $59,359!!

Can you imagine what the earnings will be when the market cap reaches 1 million?

Host: Lol you got me smiling wide right now. Damn, that sounds really good. I’ve been getting some DAI myself.

Kevin: I wake up every day, and no matter what is happening in the market. I am getting StableCoins, nonstop. It’s crazy. Blessed! MoonWilly is now NUMBER 1 on Coinsniper! See for yourself.

Host: I think it’s fair to say that crypto can be based on hypes and trends. At the moment, the trend appears to be KCC. Without discrediting the popularity of BSC, is your team also looking at alternate chains (like KCC) at the moment, or you are quite comfortable being on BSC solely?

Kevin: Yes, without giving too much away. I can confirm that more than likely, MoonWilly will bridge to other chains. We are monitoring market conditions. I’m sure you know that timing is paramount in catching these trends and we are constantly monitoring. We understand trends are a major part of crypto, therefore we structured our code to give us the versatility to bridge on multiple chains if we choose, making it a seamless transition.

Without giving everything away, have a look at our code, verified by BSCscan therefore it’s all open source. The Clues are in the code for what we may incorporate into MoonWilly.

Because at the heart of this project and this team, you need to understand. MoonWilly is not afraid of change. Before we launched, there was v1 of MoonWilly, and we had it all built in the process of auditing. Then we saw trends changing. 2 days before launch, we scrapped the old plans and started again. This time we are very happy with MoonWilly, but we are far from satisfied. Constant improvement in all areas, daily/weekly/monthly/yearly this is a long term project.

And we strive for perfection!

Host: Good to know that you can easily adapt to change! Now getting sufficient funds is the main goal for the construction of a project. Is your team economically capable of carrying out this project? Do you have enough funds to develop it? Can you tell us how much profit your project generates?

Kevin: True! This is a very important part that a lot of teams overlook, and to be honest a lot of them are short-term projects. MoonWilly is a long-term project. We built MoonWilly keeping in mind the core concept of sustainability, that is why we created the MoonWilly Treasury.

Essentially, 3% per transaction goes to the treasury — Which is used to sustain the project and grow it. This treasury covers marketing, development, and daily business operations, etc. We also think that if/when this project starts seeing some serious returns, we should give some the charity.

I want to make it clear that this is not a charity project. But we believe in giving back, our Number 1 priority is to grow MoonWilly, then we give back. The community will vote on a cause and we will choose together. Our code also has the versatility of a Governance Portal being implemented into it for these types of decisions.

Host: Now, I’ll quote: “Holders Earn Passive Rewards in DAI (USD StableCoin) every Hour.” Are there any plans to add any StableCoin that work for passive rewards in the same hour?”

Kevin: Great questions! I’ll remind the community of our features, 3% treasury, 3% liquidity, 1% burn, and 8% of every transaction is redistributed towards holders in the form of DAI (USD). We believe that it is not necessary to add other StableCoins because fundamentally, we have the most superior StableCoin on the market.

DAI is not popular, but Why do we feel DAI is superior? Here is why With DAI Holders won’t need to be concerned about regulators freezing their assets or being blacklisted. This is not true for USDC, USDT, and BUSD. All around the world, governments are creating their own StableCoins, they will target the other ones to make way for theirs. USDT, USDC, BUSD are at risk, they can be rugged. As opposed to the DAI that is controlled by automated smart contracts, it can never be shut down.

Our team conducted extensive research into MoonWilly and the Crypto space at large. A very bright group of Individuals. We built MoonWilly with a long-term vision (Mindset).

Host: Following up, the security system of a company is very important. Especially to avoid hackers who want to break into a company system. How do you do to the security of a project? Do you have a special security system for your project/company? And do you also provide special security guarantees for users/investors?

Kevin: Exploits ARE a major problem in crypto. Audits are essential! Indeed, MoonWilly was Audited by RD Auditors. Our Audit was Perfect! (all thanks to our lead dev, he is brilliant! We are very lucky to have him.) With Zero Issues found. MoonWilly is Rated as very secure, you can read the audit here.

Select Questions from Open Floor

@aminapeter8: There are complaints by $MNWL holders in your Telegram group chart about DAI not arriving in their wallets at the required time. So what could be the cause of the delay? I also learned that a Minimum of 10,000 MoonWilly tokens are needed to receive rewards in which we don’t need to claim our earned DAI, as It will be sent automatically to holders’ wallets. So, I will like to know if holders will keep enjoying this benefit forever? Or it will end at a certain time?

Kevin: Great question @aminapeter8! Our project is complex, it is very new so we are still educating people about it. We want to keep knowing the concerns (as well as positives) so we can address them accordingly. On our website, we state that: A Minimum of 10,000 MoonWilly tokens are needed to receive rewards. You don’t need to claim your earned DAI. It will be sent automatically to your wallet every 60 minutes during high volume.

During lower volume, it can take longer, but will always send automatically within a few hours. We cover all this and more during our daily podcast, daily live voice chat both runs by the #voiceofDefi and I am in every voice chat, I welcome anyone to speak to me about any concerns or suggestions to make MoonWilly better. The very first episode of MoonWilly Podcast was released yesterday on Spotify, coming to all major platforms very soon, we have multiple web developers working on it, you definitely do not want to miss out!

@Veron0_0: Do You Have Whitepaper If Yes and Secondly Do You Have Plans For Pre Sale? Where Can I Join it?

Kevin: Yes we have a Litepaper. MoonWilly ($MNWL) was released 4 days ago. You can buy it right now on PancakeSwap. Don’t forget to set slippage at 16%.

@Backagai: Please give your statement about the role of the community? Do you think they are helpful enough for the growth of your project?

Kevin: The community is a very important part of the success of MoonWilly. We have created a 6-month calendar, which includes the community into the plan for 6 months straight!

As such, Community Members will have the opportunity to participate in events that are based on participation and not skill (we’ll skill definitely helps), moreover, we will be giving the community a chance to win a lot of money for 6 months. It is a brilliant strategy that we will start rolling out in the next 1–2 days. We are actually having a meeting about it in 15 minutes!

@Teslaelc: Do you have any Coin Burn / BuyBack systems or any $Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token & attract Investors to invest?

Kevin: Yes, for every buy 1% is burned. For every sell 2% is burned. 4 days ago, $MNWL had a total supply of 1,000,000,00, and Today? there is only 616,546,774.27 $MNWL Left in existence! MoonWilly also burned 33% of the total supply at launch, we did that in honor of Vitalik Buterin, we used his research on token velocity to create the game theory and fundamentals of MoonWilly. The tokens are disappearing fast!

@Backagai: Is this project available to everyone? How many communities do you have presently and are you focused on spreading globally.?????

Kevin: We are running MoonWilly as a grassroots movement. We are doing as many AMAs as humanly possible. We will be going to every crypto community to talk about moonwilly. We think it’s very important that we visit every community and talk to them one on one about moonwilly. MoonWilly is movement! MoonWilly is building an Army! #MoonWillyArmy

In Closing….

It seems as though the brilliant team at CryptoLegendary Chat has clearly done their homework. It is important to do your very own Due Diligence on potential investment opportunities. Does this mean CryptoLegendary Chat is feeling bullish on MoonWilly?

Considering the sheer comfort and ease that Kevin responded with, it is clear to see that he has the utmost confidence in the MoonWilly project. And it is hard to disagree with the MoonWilly CEO and Founder.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the increasing amount of AMAs, marketing, and publicity. is the level of transparency behind the curtain of the MoonWilly team. Upcoming protocols, applications, a complete ecosystem, NFTs. To name a few.

These are just a teardrop in the ocean of ideas that the MoonWilly store has in store.

In the meantime, check out the live VC’s every day from 18:00–20:00 UTC on the official Telegram page. Run by the man himself, Steven — #TheVoiceofDefi #Legendary — you can also catch me and ask anything you want in the livechats!

But for the latest and greatest MoonWilly updates, watch this space.



Amin Sujan- Crypto Expert